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Everything we do at “Stay’nPlay” is done with safety in mind. We know that if we get this wrong, there will be no second chances.

In 7 years, we have welcomed more than 50,000 children through our centres on both sides of the Tasman without incident. We aren’t complacent about this – we tell you because it is testament to our robust working practices.

All our centres are purpose built with safety and quality in mind. We work with a great supplier who takes our brief on safety very seriously. We consider things like suitability of materials, design of the door and centre, and general layout in terms of flow and visibility.

Our staff are carefully selected for their experience in working with children and all hold appropriate police checks. Our staff are all trained and properly inducted into every “Stay’nPlay” centre, and each host shopping centre.

We have a robust sign in and sign out procedure, where each child is given a wristband with a unique identification number. Your children are safe in our care.

There is a qualified First Aid team member in every centre.

In terms of hygiene, we use hand sanitiser at the door to help prevent the spread of germs. The equipment in the centre is cleaned and maintained and checked for defects.


Quality and Safety are synonymous in our business, as you can see from above.

In addition, we ask for your feedback on every registration form, and take your suggestions to heart.  We usually provide that feedback to the host shopping centre too, and consult with them on anything we can do better.  Our team members are regularly asked for their suggestions, and know they have active input into how our business is run.

Please dont hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions in regards to quality or safety.