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Like many other successful businesses, Eventful Kids was borne of personal need. For a while, Katerina was a single mum to her eldest child, and quickly became aware of the challenges of getting chores done with a “little helper” in tow. The idea for a short stay service seemed obvious.

It wasn’t until she moved to New Zealand in 2007 that the business really began to take shape. Within days of moving, Katerina met John Hewitt, a former mayor of the Waipa district and the two agreed to work together. John generously mentored Katerina, and in mid 2008, an approach was made to the national office of Westfield New Zealand with a well scoped out concept. They agreed to a trial and 10 weeks later on Auckland’s north shore, Eventful Kids was born.

In January 2009, Westfield New Zealand indicated that they wished to use Eventful Kids’ Centres across New Zealand, and it wasn’t long before other shopping centres used our services too.


Katerina returned to Australia at the end of 2009 with the aim of replicating the successful business model that had proved so popular in New Zealand. Things moved slowly at first, but by the end of 2013, following the businesses decision to re-brand our centres as Stay’nPlay, things really started to take off.

Stay’nPlay Centres offering free creativity centres during school holidays had opened in a number of prominent shopping centres across the country.

Based on positive feedback from customers, in 2014 we launched our Kindy Kids proposition – a term time service where parents are able to safely leave their children for up to an hour, for a small fee.

We now have a number of Stay’nPlay and Kindy Kids Centres across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, with plans for expansion nationwide.

Download our Company Overview! If you’re interested in featuring a Stay’nPlay Centre at your shopping centre or event, then download our Company Overview for more details.

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Team Training

All Team Members are properly inducted and thoroughly trained into each and every centre we run. This includes centre induction to a host shopping centre and training within the Stay’nPlay centre. This ensures that our staff are properly prepared and trained for any event.

There is a fully qualified First Aid Trained Team Member in every centre.

Team Members

All Team Members are chosen for their experience with, and passion for working with children.  Typically members may have their Certificate III in Childrens Services, a diploma in child care or teaching, or be studying primary school teaching at university. There are plenty of mothers among us, some paediatric nurses and even the odd childrens entertainer! All Team Members hold a current Working with Children Check.

Team Experience

Eventful Kids Stay’nPlay Centres have been operating since September 2008, and have registered more than 50,000 children in that time. We use our experience to ensure our centres provide the best entertainment and care, and that quality and safety is best practice.

Katerina Pretty

Katerina Pretty


Katerina is a mother of four children. Having worked in various sales and marketing roles within the hospitality, recruitment, finance and quality assurance sectors, Katerina dreamed of starting a “short stay” children’s entertainment service. In 2007, she moved to New Zealand, where her idea for Eventful Kids began to take shape. A chance meeting with a former local mayor, turned into a mentoring friendship and Eventful Kids was born. Katerina has since moved back to Sydney and has successfully replicated the business model in Australia with a number of centres now operating nationwide.

“I will be back, love it, had coffee, while kids played in a very clean and safe environment.  Thank you.”

Ms S Snook